Sports and School

When you think about chiropractic, it’s unlikely you’ll associate it with school and sports. It may then surprise you that those areas are two of the first places a chiropractors mind drifts to when they think about chiropractic. We believe one thing above all else when it comes to your health: You are healthier when your body is free from nerve disturbance. When you have a body that is able to communicate with itself, you give it the best possible chance to perform, learn and adapt. Understanding that concept may shed some light on how chiropractors help athletes and students alike.

Usain BoltLet’s dig a bit deeper into athletes. Most professional athletes have trained their whole lifetime to perform a specific task under high levels of stress for a finite period of time. Take sprinting for example: Run 100 metres faster than the other 9 competitors starting at the same time as me. Oh... and by the way they can all do this task in less than 10 seconds. Don’t forget you’ve spent the past 4 years training for this <10second race. HELLO STRESS!


Do you think these athletes are concerned with their reaction times, total power output, range of motion, focus and, possibly most important, recovery from training sessions? You bet they are! Some athletes may be seeing chiropractors for pains and injuries, but you can bet most are getting adjusted to optimize the function of their bodies. They are looking for faster recovery and peak performance.

sports3So how does this transfer to students? They are not looking to shave .05s off their 100m dash. All parents strive for their child’s optimal growth and development. As parents, we know you bend over backwards to create these environments by driving to practices, lessons and maybe even private schools. Schools are designed to provide enrichment and access to information helping the mind and body develop with a set of tools, talents and knowledge. Hopefully the child will specialize his/her skills to match their desired life. When you are tasked with a project at school (or work) you must first gather the information necessary to complete said project. If you only acquire 40% of the information, the resulting product will be lacking.

sports4Through research, we know that the weight of a dime when placed on a nerve can decrease the capability of the nerve to transmit up to 60% of its information. When children have nerve disturbances, they lack concentration, focus and the ability to grow their tools, talents and knowledge. By removing this disturbance, we are providing an internal state of balance, allowing their growth and development to occur unobstructed.