ADD 201In our opinion, ADHD is a terrible term. As we see it, ADHD is neither a disorder, nor is there a deficit of attention. We see ADHD as a trait, not a disability. When it is managed properly, it can become a huge asset in one’s life. A collection of fabulously successful adultsADD7 with ADHD include: Richard Branson, founder of Virgin; Ryan Gosling, movie actor; Justin Timberlake, musician; Michael Phelps, Olympic athlete; and Dr. Ed Hallowell, doctor and ADHD specialist.

Having ADHD is like having a powerful race car for a brain, but with bicycle brakes. Treating ADHD is like strengthening your brakes–so you start to win races in your life.

Dr. Ed Hallowell, author of 17 books and ADHD specialist noticed that his patients have their greatest breakthroughs when treated by chiropractors. This was perplexing to Dr. Hallowell and could not be ignored. He started to research chiropractic and realized that he needed to create a training program for Chiropractors so that they can have a profound impact on people that suffer with ADD/ADHD. He created the SHINE program Special Help for Integrating Neurological Experience – Dr. Hallowell’s ADHD certification course for chiropractors. At Vita, Dr. Scott Levine is a SHINE graduate and the only Chiropractor in Toronto with this certification.
We approach ADHD by identifying a person’s strengths and potential. Then the chiropractor can help that patient achieve a superior outcome.
Our exam begins with a thorough history, followed by a brain-based neurological and functional exam.

Our goal is to understand how the person thinks and where the neurological strengths and deficits are. We do this using our nervous system scans and EEG.ADD8

Next, the child/adult begins the program. The program consists of both care in our clinic and at home exercises, with the goal of improving brain and nervous system balance.

ADD9See our Brain Based Exam and Treatment for more information. Hyperactivity is not the result of a Ritalin® shortage!

Quick tips to get you started:

Begin by making nutritional and lifestyle changes. Rule out environmental factors by reducing your exposure to substances that are increasingly common, such as:

•Remove food dyes, preservatives and additives from the diet.

•Focus on natural, organic foods grown without pesticides or herbicides.

•Determine if an allergy is involved, such as dairy or gluten and eliminate it.

•Eliminate all sugars and artificial sweeteners.


“Hello, I am a patient of Vita’s. Before I was, my life was slowly turning down a bad path. I was smoking marijuana and cigarettes on a daily basis. I had absolutely no interest in attending high school. I was in a negative state of mind. Not to mention my back was in minor pain.
I have been at Vita for about 8 months now, and they have helped me change everything in my life. They have helped me quit smoking. I couldn’t focus or respond clearly during conversation because my A.D.D was intense. Now I can read 500 page books, I can sit down and do homework for an hour, and somewhat stay focused during conversation. I also was inspired to join Goodlife fitness (this helped majorly).”

- Josh W., 16 years old