Chiropractic offers a safe and natural approach to tinnitus. As chiropractors, we utilize a variety of treatments for tinnitus. The most common is performing gentle and mostly painless spinal adjustments (mobilizations) of cervical spinal segments (vertebrae). Clinically, improvements are often observed adjusting the cervical spine, especially upper cervical and cranium, as a starting point. These methods have the potential to restore sympathetic/parasympathetic balance and influencing cortical function.Tinnitus
Your exam may reveal the cause of your tinnitus. Using Hi-tech equipment we are able to detect if there is an upper-cervical subluxation causing ear dysfunction.
If, as has been suggested by one researcher, there is a parallel between chronic pain and tinnitus; therefore, full spinal adjusting, extremity adjusting and soft tissue techniques also have a role to play. Spinal adjustments actually help to reverse the subluxations (misaligned vertebrae) in the spine that reduces blood flow and impairs the nerves. Due to the fact that the abnormality of the blood flow and nerve damages are believed to possibly result in tinnitus, chiropractic has been claimed to have great treatment results for some tinnitus sufferers.
Chiropractic is certainly not a miracle cure for tinnitus. It only helps alleviate the condition. As mentioned, it will certainly improve the blood flow that may then help eliminate the buzzing sounds. But if the tinnitus is merely a symptom of certain illnesses that one has, then this treatment may not be as effective.
Some nutritional remedies.
Vitamin B12 Sheathes Ear Nerves
When it comes to nerves, vitamin B12 plays a special role. The body needs this nutrient to manufacture myelin, the fatty sheath that wraps around nerve fibers, insulating them and allowing them to conduct their electrical impulses normally.
Our Naturopath can provide you with B12 injections to maximize the effect of this important nutrient.