All stress causes brain stress. When the brain is stressed it begins to go out of balance. Left in this state, the brain begins to exhaust and the body will follow.
Brain function depends on a balance of chemicals. These chemicals, if out of balance, can lead to depression.

Let’s start with the body. There is a depressed posture. Try it right now, and if you need any help then let’s look to Charlie Brown for some assistance:


At Vita, our assessment consists of a biovizion exam to assess your posture. We then measure stress within your brain using Heart Rate Variability and EEG. Stress will also be measured within your spine with our nervous system scans. Finally, our functional exam will reveal the extent that we can help you.

Depression3Other tests we might recommend would be a hormone test, including measuring your cortisol levels (stress hormone).

Our care includes a multi-sensory approach including chiropractic adjustments, MindFit programs, supplementation and exercise.
Most people have not come to our clinic for symptoms of depression, but instead for symptoms of pain and happened to be also suffering from depression (revealed in our exam or on their intake form). What happens next has been a testament to our techniques - they start reporting feeling less depressed and many have even stopped their depression medication.
If you are wondering “can my depression be helped naturally?” start with an assessment and your chiropractor will be able to show you if we are your solution to happier days. It all begins with a balanced brain and body.