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Ulcers are breaks in the membrane of an organ which therefore affect the function of that organ. A common type of ulcer occurs in the mouth and is commonly known as a canker sore. In this specific example, there is an immune response resulting in cells attacking the membranes. Once opened, the wounds are painful and are aggravated by foods and stretching of the mucosa (i.e. talking). A more painful version of ulceration occurs when they form in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal track. These ulcers become irritated by the food you eat or the natural fluids secreted by your stomach and digestive organs.

One thing that is clear regarding all ulcers and the healing of ulcers – stress plays a huge role in the length of healing time. The more stress you are under, the longer you can expect ulcers of any type to heal. See our examination for more information on how we evaluate your stress.

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When under a stress response, the body is predisposed to shift to an acidic state. This means that one of the key things that can aid in healing is shifting the body into a basic, or alkaline, state. At Vita, we recommend the following two products to help reset body acid-base balance: OPC-10 and Microgreens.