Aging Accelerated

Aging is a part of life none of us can avoid. But you have no doubt seen a 40 year old that looks 55 or a 40 year old that looks 30. So my question to you is Where is the difference?
The latest research points us towards Telomeres as a base understanding of cell age. The short story is that as cells divide the telomeres shorten there is an increased chance of death from heart disease and cancers. Telomere length is primarily protected by an enzyme called telomerase. So let’s look at what can be done to protect our Telomeres and T

A study done in “The Lancet Oncology” Oct 2013, showed that A Healthy Di

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et, Exercise, Stress Management, and Increasing Social Support may all contribute to telomere health and telomerase levels.
Your VITA Chiropractors focus their assessment around brain stress. As we know all stress in brain stress. An assessment to evaluate your recovery from a stress response is indicated such as the Heart Rate Variability test.
Your Chiropractic care for aging will focus on your body’s ability to reset after a bout of stress.
Adjusting is the primary way to elicit this relaxation response in the body.
Mind Fit is also an excellent way to improve the brain’s ability to shift into a Theta wave which is the deep meditation state of the brain where we suspect Telomerase activity spikes.