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We know that healthier companies have higher productivity. So our workshops are created to bridge these two goals, our process reflects this. No matter how small or how large your team is we customize our talk to your values and inspire your team on how a healthy lifestyle furthers it.

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Stress for Success This workshop elevates the energy in the workplace and improves bottom line revenue. Participants will learn breathing techniques, postures and power moves that will change your culture instantly.

Above is a sample of our talk Ant-aging effects of good posture.

Inspired Guest: I thought it was excellent! Very helpful and informative. I have actually done the stretches at my desk this afternoon, mind you not every 20 min.'s like advised. But hey, something is a start and better then the nothing I was doing before lunch today. :) I am also paying more attention to my posture and trying not to slouch like I always do. I would definitely recommend people attending in the future if you hold another one. Thanks again for putting this on for us.

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Posture 8 Learn about the every day habits that destroy your posture and 8 exercises to neutralize them. Each workshop includes video exercises that if done regularly, will correct your posture

moneybrain6 tips to better brain balance Our brain based series starts here. When the brain gets stressed it goes out of balance. A balanced brain thinks better, and heals faster, so we decided to show you how to better balance your brain. Playing full out with us is mandatory. Our workshop is interactive; as we play a balance game or march accros the floor, it will be a peek into how the brain works.

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Raising Health Families Series Our popular in-house talks by Dr. Shaila Callaghan can come to you. She has designed several series of talks that range from fertility to raising healthy children.