Lunch n’ Learns:

At Vita, we provide interactive corporate health talks to companies, educational Gowlings 20hamstring 20Stretchinstitutions and
numerous organizations in Toronto about various health and wellness-related topics. We provide the tools that enable individuals to make healthy choices, as well as take long-term preventative measures. Our goal is to serve, educate, and positively enhance the lives of those in our community so they may have the health and life of their dreams.
In today’s business world, having health conscious and physically fit employees, equates a workplace with fewer sick days, less stress, and a more creative, profitable and productive company. Whether it be through educational seminars, hosting free health screenings, or providing care - we are dedicated to help our community make great choices.

Gowlings 20Trap 20StretchOur doctor's expertise is in the area of health, neurology and nutrition for kids as well as adults.
Examples of recent health care talks are “The Anti-Ageing effects of Good Posture”, “The New Rules of Nutrition”, "Boost your brain, boost your sales". We would love to see you and your
company for on-site health workshop soon!

I thought it was excellent! Very helpful and informative. I have actually done the stretches at Gowlings 20Shaila 20Posture 20Check
my desk this afternoon, mind you not every 20 mins like advised. But hey, something is a start
and better then the nothing I was doing before lunch today. :) I am also paying more attention
to my posture and trying not to slouch like I always do. I would definitely recommend people
attending in the future if you hold another one. Thanks again for putting this on for us.

Gowlings 20Scott 20One 20on 20one 20timeI found the session very helpful in the fact that they showed you how to do the stretches
properly. They came around and adjusted you if need be. I also learned a few new stretches
that I’ve never done before. I also thought that Dr. Scott spoke very well, he knew his topic and
was excited to share it with us. It was easy to listen to him and be engaged. Of course the
discount on the 1st session is wonderful and I plan on taking advantage of it in the very near

Thank you for offering us this great lunch and learn session and I look forward to more to come.
JulianneGowlings 20Kirk 20and 20Kelly
I thought it was good. I am a lot more self conscious of my posture and my walking (at least for
today). I am even trying out the super model shoulder walk down the halls (when no one is

Dear Dr Levine!
Thank you very much for your informative and inspiring presentation to our Lunch and Learn event!
You left us with unforgettable take home messages on how to attain improved health!
Cathy, Yorkminister Church, Health cordinator.