Dr. Shaila Callaghan, Chiropractor


As a young child, I suffered from ear infections, poor digestion, anxiety and colds/flu’s - much more than most children. It was not until I was older that I started investigating the reason why. This was the start of my journey that led me to chiropractic and to discover my life’s mission.

When I found chiropractic, my life completely changed for the better. I started exploring and nurturing the natural health mechanisms within my body and my life and health took off!

Dr  Shaila BWWhy was it that after seeing a chiropractor, my issues resolved? This question burned in my brain for many years and led me to discover that I was born via forceps and was treated by my pediatrician, as most children still are, with rounds of antibiotics. After all of my searching, I am convinced that undiagnosed and untreated spinal trauma at birth led to my poor health as a child and that the treatment I received weakened my immune system to the point where my body’s defenses were wiped out.

I became a chiropractor to share what I have learned and have made it my mission to ensure that other children have the spectacular start to their life that they deserve.

I received my degree from the prestigious Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College after graduating Summa Cum Laude from McMaster University. At the end of my studies, I was the proud recipient of the Vern Welsh Memorial Award for excellence in Radiology.

Shaila3My extensive post-graduate training has made me an authority in pre and post-natal care and child brain development. I am your family’s wellness expert. I know that when children are given healthy foundations, they grow into healthy adults for life. The future potential that proper health and health education will have on a young mind and body is limitless!

I am incredibly passionate about assisting moms-to-be through their pregnancy, helping to make that special time a comfortable, healthy and fulfilling experience. I hold certification in the Webster Technique, specific to pregnant woman, and allows for more room for your baby to grow and develop properly. This special technique also has a high success rate for turning breach babies. For more information of the Webster Technique, visit http://icpa4kids.com/about/webster_technique.htm.

Shaila4It has been estimated that over 80% of infants have spinal trauma due to their birth process, even when the birth is as normal and natural as it can be. The journey from womb to the world is a traumatic one and one of my mission’s is to check newborns to ensure that their spinal alignment is correct.

I am experienced and trained in assisting both children and adults with ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and neurobehavioral conditions. What I am truly enthusiastic about is inspiring and empowering families to ensure better health outcomes for today and for future generations.

From newborns just entering this world to the elderly continuing to reach for their health ambitions, my brand of brain-based chiropractic care with an emphasis on health education may be what you have been searching for.

You were born to be healthy! I look forward to meeting your family and helping you all reach your ultimate goals.


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