What is Brain Based Chiropractic?

There are many different focuses that chiropractors can take. This is why chiropractors can help so many diverse conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to some confusion on what chiropractic is. The majority of chiropractors focus on pain relief and, although we are amazing at relieving pain, it is very limiting to both the patient and the profession. You have athletic chiropractors, posture chiropractors, a subset of scoliosis chiropractors, pediatric and pre-natal chiropractors, rehabilitation chiropractors, and the list goes on. At Vita, we are focused on your brain health, this means that our intention is maximizing your ability to express your life to its fullest.

This focus is reflected in our forms, exam, care programs and education. So why did we decide to spend weekends of classroom time, and invest money into a whole new evaluation and treatment system? It starts with statistics, brain related diseases are now epidemic, and we are the best profession to treat brain health.

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What is your Brain Based Chiropractic exam?

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We measure the effects of stress on your brain and body. Using the latest technology we will gain insight on where you store your stress and how much it has changed your brain and nervous system.
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What is your Brain Based Chiropractic visit?

We take a multi-sensory approach to changing the brain. Focused chiropractic adjustments will increase sensory input to the brain. The difference is that we know where your brain dysfunction is. Its like we help the brain re-organize itself by changing its neural input, over-time this becomes the new you. Other tools we use, are biosonic tuning forks and essential oils. With video exercises and mindfit your brain positively changes. character chiropractic

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Our BrainBasedChiropractic Brochure

MRI of Pre-adjustment then Post-adjustment of BRAIN

Cerebral Spinal Fluid increases after the adjustment. This is signfigant because CSF coats the brain and spinal chord. It is the seperation of the blood brain barriar. It carries all the brains necessary Oxygen and energy and removes the waste products from the Brain. This alone will improve your brain function.

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