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Can we

How long will it take?
What is your current health? How much will it


The goal of this visit is to bring you up to speed with how healthy your spine and nervous system is, how much stress you are under, and how this is affecting your current health.

After you arrive your doctor will present to you their findings. They will base their recommendations on your history, your scan results and your individual goals. Dur


ing these 30 minutes, you will understand if the doctor can help you, and how long it will take to s

ee the results you desire. Your doctor will present to you your Discovery folder which will include your optimal health recommendations, financial investment information, and all of your scan results. This is yours to keep.

One of our Chiropractic Assistants will then meet with you to go over costs, insurance options and your preferred appointment times, helping make sure your office visits are as convenient as possible for you.

Now is the time to begin your care. Your chiropractor will explain everything prior to your first adjustment, review any concerns and talk to you about what to expect from your visits. Your treatment is interactive - feel free to express any questions you may have about the style of adjustment and techniques utilized to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

All initial fees include this day. We will not start care until you fully understand your health and the role we play in elevating it.

If this very important decision
requires a conversation with a significant other
, then
please have them come with you on this day.
We promise it will be worth their effort.