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Texting, laptops, gaming and sitting in class compounded with decreased physical activity is creating a generation of children with poor posture. This poor posture immediately affects athletics and learning with long term implications of earlier spinal degeneration and alzheimer's.

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Learning why, and how to properly brush your teeth at school? We do, and we decided to create a workshop on learning why and how you need to have good posture. We have customized the workshop depending on the age of the children. We also created a quick screening to check back pack safety and posture.

Posture and Backpack Safety Workshop

This talk isPhoto 202015 03 24  2012 2031 2045 20PM 5 minutes followed by 55 minutes of screening. We are capable of screening up to 150 children in an hour using 4 screening stations. Other posture workshops can be as long as 45 minutes and would included tools to improve and strengthen poor posture.

Our talk is interactive and highlights poor posture and its immediate effects on breathing, strength and athletics. After we invite the children to get their posture checked providing a take away.

Please call our office and we will customize our talk towards your health and science programs.

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The following is a sample of a 5 minute pre-screening posture and backpack safety talk. This was performed in a cafeteria so sound quality is low.