Neuro Immune Stabilizer: Price: $55.00

A topical cream for neurological, nervous and immune system support. The potent rich cream may help maximize and aid in: mood improvement and stabilization, mental focus and concentration, storm term memory loss, hormonal regulation, sleep patterns and immune function.

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PRP Immune Recovery Spray: Price: $25.50

Provides viral protection and immune system support. Used to speed up recovery and maintains the health of immune system. Key benefits include: supports the reduction of allergy symptoms and supports healthy cognitive functioning.
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Calming Cream: Price: $37.00

This topical cream was designed to increase the levels of the calming transmitters such as dopamine, GABA and serotonin. Calming cream may naturally assist with: relaxation, nervousness, hyper-activity and sleep disturbances. Great for kids! Our Chiropractors love to use this with their children to help them sleep on difficult know what we mean.

Glutathione Plus: Price: $50.00

Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant, the master anti-inflammatory and master detoxifier. A topical cream which absorbs directly into the skin bypassing any mal-absorption problems of the gastro-intestinal tract. This product is a detoxifying agent and enhanced the immune system.

Neuro-Immune Infection Control: Price: $38.00

Recommended to combat the activation and overgrowth of yeast, bacterial and viral activity that can negatively affect a patient's health, healing, wellbeing, emotions, and cognitive functions. Possible signs of yeast overgrowth include: hyperactivity or inattentive behaviour, gassy or bloated belly, presence of yeast, thrush, diaper rash or fungus.

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Advanced Neurotransmitter Support: Price: $40.00

Highly recommended for those who suffer with sensory and neurological issues. This product can help to improve mood, reduce cravings, improve learning, concentration and attention levels. Orange flavored for kids.
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Immune Restore +

  • Reduce Allergies / Food Sensitivities
  • Reduce sensitivity in the bowel
  • Overall a powerful immune system support formula
  • Help relieve allergy symptoms and regulate cytokine response

immune 20restore