Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

If you suffer tConcussion vertebraehe effect of a concussion, or have had a concussion recently then as sobaby first aid head bump 2on as you can please call our office to book an assessment. Our Brain based assessment is effective in understand the extent of the TBI and if we are the right solution for you or your child.

Currently Medical solutions are limited, mostly you are given instructions to rest, sometimes in the dark. Although resting a traumatized brain is important, full recovery will not always happen without appropriate rehab. This includes further concussions that tend to be easier after the first one has occurred.
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The latest research shows that teenagers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion are at “significantly greater odds” of attempting suicide, being bullied and engaging in a variety of high risk behaviours, a new study has found. Click here for full study

We use a multi-sensory integrative approach to healing the brain. This includes our Brain based Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Mattrix Repatterning. We are up to date with the latest research for nutrition, and home exercises to maximize recovery.

We have experience helping single TBI, multiple TBI's and helping those that had a TBI years prior to seeing us.

We urge you to come and get assessed, and then make your own conclusion if we are the right place for you or your loved one.

Gabriela Ilie shares her storey

I first came to know Brain Based Chiropractic care through my husband who suffered multiple iliemild to severe concussions when he was a young hockey player, and still deals with their aftermath, and my daughter, who suffered a concussion recently. As a brain injury researcher, I was impressed right from the start with the doctors depth and breadth of scientific research knowledge and understanding, and his round approach to care (chiropractic care, brain care, auditory and sensory integration). At a time when concussion management and care needs are on the rise, to come across a place like Vita has been hopeful say the least. They helped my family and myself heal, change our life style and participate in understanding how we can maintain healing through our everyday behavior and lifestyle habits. I am grateful for the healing and hope for future possible research collaborations with the Vita Team.

"Everything is so dependent on the quality of our brain", said Dr. Ilie
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Gabriela Ilie, PhD

St. Michael’s Hospital

Division of Neurosurgery

Injury Prevention Research Office

How soft is the brain?


“The team at Vita Health Clinic started with a comprehensive examination of my mind & body - from the brain down - to create a meaningful treatment plan for my overall health. They did not just focus on the symptoms of the pain I was feeling. By focusing on what was happening with my brain health, they quickly remediated the source of my nerve pain and strengthened my body so it would not return. This innovative approach is where I see all health care needing to go.”
Prateek Dwivedi
Vita Brain Based patient
Cancer Informatics, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Digital Health, MaRS Discovery District

"I suffered a concussion in early September that led to incredible vertigo, vomiting and heightened sensitivity to light and sound. I was in bed and unable to work for almost a month. I started brain care with the Vita team only 4 weeks ago and immediately felt relief after the first treatment. Just eight treatments later I am getting back to my normal life. I can work, play music and have even flown with no symptoms. I recently saw a neurologist who was impressed with how rapidly I had improved, stating that most concussions take 6 months to resolve and I should keep doing whatever I’m doing. Thank you so much to Dr. Scott and his team. They are true HEALERS."
Andrew Muroff,
Concussion sufferer
M.B.A., J.D.

I am writing this as a mother of a child who initially suffered a concussion through a snow mobile accident in 2010 and again after a friendly shove (in just the right motion) from a roommate that left Jordan with even more severe symptoms. Jordan was unable to learn, have a social life, noise and driving was all impossible. I was so desperate to find help for Jordan and our whole household was affected. We focused solely on getting Jordan back to where he was. The following spring 2015, Jordan was ready to take the twice weekly trips from Wasaga beach to Toronto. Car rides specifically triggered severe headaches due to bumps (pot holes), and any apologies for hitting a bump were not accepted very easily. The care Jordan has received with Dr. Levine has been immeasurable. Jordan experienced results almost immediately and was able to regain his life; he is the vibrant goal oriented boy I remember.
Mercedes Lewis
Mother of Jordan