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Cryovizion Orthotics


At Vita we use and prescribe Cryos Custom Orthotics. These state-of-the-art orthotics are hand fabricated after a thorough evaluation with our Biovizion postural mapping system.

The Biovizion system

Biovizion uses reflective light technology to compose an accurate postural map of your entire body. Unlike conventional orthotics, Cryos bases their corrective shape on both your feet and full body posture. Our lab and doctors have an intimate understanding of how your feet can affect your posture.


orthotics3Pressure View reveals weight distribution and width of the arches.

Cryos Orthotics have three game changing innovations:

1) They are a dynamic orthotic acting more as personal trainer - coaching proper motion of the foot while providing support and stability where needed.

2) The orthotics are minimalistic, allowing for use with many different types of shoes.

3) Cryos uses a specially adapted plastic when making your orthotic providing exceptional durability. Cryos orthotics may be the innovation you need to improve your performance, stabilize your feet or help resolve your symptoms.

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